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Gather Natural Community: Coming 2024

Welcome to Gather Natural Community, Inc., a nonprofit organization, established to create a nurturing environment to gather with and support natural minded women during their childbearing years. The mission of our organization is to serve women and provide them with opportunities to connect, interact, and learn from each other while emphasizing holistic maternal mental health and community participation in post partum support. We believe that motherhood is a sacred journey that no woman should walk alone. With that in mind, Gather Natural Community aims to address the challenges of instinctual mothering in the modern world and fill the gaps that society often overlooks.

Our organization started as an initiative to provide a physical space where like minded pregnant women and mothers with young children could meet and connect. The purpose was to develop in person community where women could find one another, gather together and share experiences, learn from each other, form lasting friendships and create hands on support systems. We noticed that there was a lack of resources and opportunities for women who chose to parent against the grain. As a result, we saw the need to create intentional opportunities where women could meet other mothers in the same season of life with shared interests at the heart of the home.

The intent behind our advocacy work is to encourage women to find local, natural-minded mothers and gather together to link arms, share skills, and support one another while focusing on the impact that modern motherhood has on maternal mental health and intentionally creating postpartum support systems through nesting gatherings and meal trains. A pillar of this intent is providing financial resources to aid in the creation and development and maintenance of local groups. This will only be made possible through community participation from mothers like you. We believe that motherhood, when honored and understood, is a sacred embrace into a woman’s feminine power

Our Mission

Gather Natural Community, Inc. exists to develop and provide resources for well-organized community groups of natural-minded women in their childbearing years. We facilitate opportunities for women to meet at in-person gatherings and workshops that focus on holistic maternal mental health, homemaking, homesteading, child rearing, and educational opportunities. The aim is to create supportive spaces for women to find and create a local like-minded community.

Whats next

In the upcoming months, expect to see online workshops, a new podcast and merchandise fundraising begin to roll out as we start to market on Social Media, spread the word and seek out partners that align with our mission. We will be working closely and collaborating with women that would like to play a founding role in establishing the mission of the organization behind the scenes and on the ground. Our plan is to host an official in-person Launch Fundraiser in Troy, MI in April 2024.

Join Us

If you resonate with our mission and wish to be involved, we invite you to explore ways to be involved with our organization. We believe in the power of community, collaboration and the importance of each member’s contribution. Let us gather, learn, and grow together in this journey. Please click the button below and contact us. 

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