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Local Chapters

A local chapter is a small group of mothers in a geographic area hosted by a Local Chapter Leader. The purpose of these groups is to create and nurture community by reviving “the village”. Too many mothers struggle with a lack of nurturing support and feel disconnected. By gathering in-person, local chapters will cultivate lifelong friendships with shared values while providing critical collaborative support, directly benefiting all those involved.

Become a Local Chapter Leader

The main missions of Gather Natural is to help facilitate local communities for mothers to connect in person. Chapter Leaders are instrumental volunteers who organize at a minimum, monthly meet ups. Hosting events can take place at a home, park, or any suitable venue. If you’d like to volunteer to become a Chapter Leader our team will provide assistance and advice to ensure you’re chapter operates successfully. 


To serve our community and provide skill sharing we will be hosting in-person and live streamed workshops that cover a wide range of interests. We are currently setting up volunteers and a calendar of events. If you have a skill you’d like to share with others in our community, please contact us here.