Board of Directors

Emily Kaniarz


Emily is the visionary founder of Gather Natural Community. With a deep-seated belief in the power of community support and the sharing of holistic resources, Emily has cultivated an organization where naturally minded mothers can connect, learn, and grow. As a mother navigating the loss of “the village”, her passion for holistic living and child-rearing has made Gather Natural Community an indispensable resource for families seeking to integrate organic and mindful approaches into their parenting journey. Emily was working with a nonprofit before she felt called to launch one aligned with her deeply held sense of purpose. Under Emily’s leadership, the organization is well positioned for providing workshops, in person mom meetups, and a repository of knowledge that restores “the village” and champions the well-being of both mother and child.

Allison Hiller


Allison combines her passion for community and natural minding living in her role as Secretary for the Gather Natural Community. With years of valuable experience in the nonprofit sector, Allison has honed her skills in organization, communication, and policy development. As a dedicated homemaker and homesteader, she brings a practical understanding of self-sufficient living to the table. Her commitment to the community’s values is evident in her ability to ensure that the board’s decisions reflect their ethos. 

Frank Kaniarz


Frank brings his extensive expertise in finance and marketing to his role as Treasurer of the Gather Natural Community. As President of a thriving private sector marketing agency, Frank has a proven track record of driving growth and fostering innovation. His adeptness at strategic planning and budget management makes him an invaluable asset to the organization. Frank’s dedication to natural minded living and his keen eye for ethical investment opportunities help ensure Gather Natural Community’s prosperity aligns with its values. 

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