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Some of my favorite local business. Have a place you want me to try? Contact me!

Touch of Truth Apothecary

Tori is passionate about her products and hand makes them with love, crafted in small batches using only 100% organic ingredients. My favorite products are the calendula salve and bi-phasal makeup remover. Touch of Truth does not currently have a website. Please check out her “Products” highlight on Instagram to see what is available. Shipping is offered for $10 or free local pickup. Contact through messenger for any questions or ordering. 

The Farmstand Collective

The Farmstand Collective sells gorgeous Michigan made traditional fat soaps. Hand crafted with home-rendered tallow and the owner, Anna’s, homestead goat’s milk. They offer a variety of beautifully curated scents creating a luxurious soap that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and nourished. My favorite variety is Rose Clay. Visit The Farmstand Collective’s website to browse their products and place your order. 

Taylored Tallow

Taylored Tallow hand makes 100% grass fed/finished beef tallow products sourced from organic farms. Her flagship product, TT Balm, is an incredible all purpose balm designed to be an ultra moisturizing herbal balm that is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It can be used on broken/irritated skin, and I love using it as a body moisturizer in the evenings when my skin is feeling dry. One layer and you will wake up feeling soft and brand new.

The Grazing Life

This is where I buy our Pastured Raised Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs. Side note, Chelsie is amazing! *All sales through The Grazing Life website only.

Oliver Farms

This is my go to farm for Raw Milk and Raw Cheese. They also have an assortment of meats and other dairy products in the cooler.

RC Organic Farms

This is where I buy our Half Cow and Pig. They also have some of the best Raw Unfiltered Honey I’ve ever had.

It's Your Birth Midwifery Services

Simply put, Jenny is best in class for Michigan Midwifery. There are many things that set It’s Your Birth apart from the rest, and I believe that lies in her dedication to continuing education and technical skill building. I found great comfort in the high level of knowledge and of available options carried in her kit should anything arise, such as minor stitches. It’s Your Birth helped me escape the medical model and bring both of my children earthside in the comfort of my own home. Their professionalism, quality of care, and communication are second to none. 

Paradox Health

Dr. Phil Hellman is an exceptional doctor and I highly recommend his direct primary care model. Having this level of personalized care has made a big difference our family’s life. 

Journey to Health

We absolutely love Dr. Rachel, her approach has been incredibly beneficial to my family including our children. After going to several chiropractors over the years I really appreciate their lack of  gimmicks, how they are not focused on selling anything, and how they don’t push any unnecessary treatments.

Chiropractic Lifestyle Studio

Located in Royal Oak, Chiropractic Lifestyle Studio offers technologically innovative, scientifically-based, non-invase and patient centered care. Their primary focus is on chiropractic care that will impact your entire family and create a healthy lifestyle. If you are in the market for a chiropractor and near Royal Oak, I recommend paying Dr. Paten a visit and checking out this wonderful practice. 

Goss Chiropractic Clinics

Located in Sterling Heights, Goss Chiropractic believes that healthy habits run in the family. They emphasize the importance of chiropractic for babies, children and expecting moms. Along with regular adjustments, they talk to their patients about eating right, exercising, drinking water, getting sunlight and other aspects of healthy living. If you are looking to try out chiropractic care, Goss Chiropractic Clinics is an excellent place to go.

Sylvan Table

Amazing food! This restaurant sits on 5 acres, 3 of which are dedicated to their farm. Grown with conscious and sustainable methods, they have 100 different crop varieties incorporated into their seasonal food and drink menus.

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